ACL Injuries in Young Female Athletes

At Peak is dedicated to helping reduce sports related injuries.  Our sports and fitness apps are bringing expert content and strength/conditioning information directly to young athletes, their parents and coaches.

Here are some interesting facts about ACL injuries in young female athletes:

  • Females have 4X-6X increased risk of ACL injury than males in similar sports
  • ACL tears peak at age 16 in girls; risk starts much earlier, as puberty sets in.
  • Estimated cost of surgery and rehab for ACL injury is $17, 000 – $25, 000
  • Soccer was responsible for over 26% of ACL injuries in girls in recent study.
  • 60-80% of ACL injuries are non-contact related.
  • Studies show early exercise intervention can statistically reduce the incidence of ACL injuries in girls!

*Source: The Epidemic of ACL Injuries in Female Youth Athletes. Aaron Grey MD University of Missouri School of Medicine, 2012.

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