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Did You Know - Lacrosse Pro Lacrosse star Kyle Harrison has partnered with At Peak Sports to bring the At Peak app to the world of lacrosse. Kyle provides exclusive videos for At Peak athletes that show off playing skills and demonstrate how the At Peak training program translates to on-field performance.

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The At Peak app is designed to up your game on both the physical and mental side. The app is customized by age, gender and sport to give athletes the exact information they need to succeed. Guided workouts developed by sports medicine professionals ensure athletes are following proper form and technique. Sports trivia contests and leaderboards provide fun competition against other athletes across the country.

$33 billion is spent each year on youth sports injuries and over 20 million days of school are lost. With over 700, 000 youth lacrosse players, lacrosse attributes for a large portion of those injuries. Ankle sprains, ACL tears and concussions are all common injuries in lacrosse. According to the CDC, more than half of those injuries are preventable.​ A 20 minute workout twice per week is all it takes to reduce the chance of sports injuries by up to 50%!


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