At Peak Sports, ENYYSA Form Partnership To Promote Better Athletic Training, Combat Youth Sports Injury

120K+ Youth Soccer Members to Receive At Peak Training App 

NEW YORK (Jan. 16, 2015) –At Peak Sports is partnering with the Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association to provide the At Peak athletic performance and training app to all of ENYYSA’s more than 120, 000 members to create better conditioned youth athletes and help combat sports injuries.

“At Peak’s mission is to bring the best of sports medicine and sports-specific training to every athletic field and every home in the country, ” said Will Metzger, At Peak Sports co-founder and CEO. “Youth sports are responsible for 10 million injuries and more than $30 billion in healthcare costs every year, so we’re excited to be working with ENYYSA in combating those numbers by bringing our sports app to the group’s more than 120, 000 youth soccer players, as well as their coaches and parents.”

“Sports are great for kids. Kids who are involved in sports do better in school, they have higher self esteem, and they just feel generally better about themselves, ” said Dr. Jordan Metzl, sports medicine physician at Hospital for Special Surgery and At Peak’s Chief Medical Officer. “The body weight strengthening recommendations by At Peak are so incredibly valuable for kids. It builds bone density, it builds muscle strength and it reduces the risk of injury.”

The At Peak Sports app platform provides medically backed, age-, gender-, and sport-specific strength and conditioning exercises to reduce youth sports injuries through strength and conditioning. The app comes with exercise videos demonstrating proper exercise form and technique for youth sports, including soccer, football, basketball, baseball and lacrosse. The platform includes social networking features that allow athletes to communicate with teammates, upload photos, view sports-related video content and challenge each other in sports trivia contests. Athletes also can compete to get to the top of the training leaderboard and are rewarded for participating with their teammates.

The app allows coaches to communicate with their teams and monitor team training progress. For new coaches, the app provides rules, strategies, tips and drills for running a practice. Parents also are able to participate with their child or just monitor their progress. Overall, the At Peak Sports platform addresses the growing need for better-conditioned youth athletes to prevent injury. A Centers for Disease Control report, for example, states that sports injuries can be reduced by 50 percent using the type of workouts, information and tools the At Peak platform provides. In developing the workouts and training elements, At Peak works with sports medicine doctors and professionals like John Gallucci Jr., MS, ATC, PT, DPT, who is also the Medical Coordinator for Major League Soccer.

“In my practice as a physical therapist and founder of a company with 10 physical therapy centers, I see a lot of youth sports injuries – and I know that many of these injuries can be avoided, ” said Gallucci, founder and president of JAG Physical Therapy and author of the new book, Soccer Injury Prevention and Treatment. “In fact, medical studies show that with proper pre- and in-season exercise and education, a full 50 percent of these injuries can be avoided. I applaud ENYYSA for taking a leadership position in taking these preventative measures to help keep ‘the beautiful game’ of soccer safe for our kids.”

About At Peak Sports: At Peak Sports’ mission is to bring the best of sports medicine and athletic training to every athletic field and every home in the country through our innovative digital platform. Based in New York and led by a team with deep experience in sports, medicine and technology, At Peak Sports provides youth athletes, coaches and parents with sports-related instructional content and medically backed, age-, gender-, and sport-specific strength and conditioning exercises that are proven to reduce youth sports injuries. Through a social and game-driven approach, At Peak Sports engages with youth sports teams, their players and their coaches through its innovative sports and fitness platform. For more information about At Peak Sports, visit us at Youth sports leagues, clubs and schools interested in receiving more information about our products should send us a note by visiting:

About the Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association: The Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association promotes and enhances the game of soccer for the youth of Eastern New York between the ages of 5 and 19, and encourages the healthy development of youth players, coaches and administrators. All levels of soccer are offered for the recreational player who is out to enjoy the game and “just have fun”; the club or travel team player who enjoys the spirit of competition, and the premier player who is looking to play at the highest levels. ENYYSA is comprised of more than 120, 000 players and more than 25, 000 volunteers. For more information, visit

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