How It Works

The At Peak platform prescribes exercises based on your age, gender and sport.  Medical studies show At Peak’s workout plans are proven to reduce the chance of injury and increase performance.  At Peak is available for individuals participating in a wide range of sports. At Peak athletes can compete to get to the top of the leaderboard and are rewarded for participating with their teammates. Coaches are able to communicate with their team and track progress. Parents are able to participate with their child or just monitor their progress.

Product Overview Video (2 minutes) –

Exercise Videos – professionally shot videos demonstrate proper form and technique.

Proper Form At Peak Video Product Page

Guided Workouts – a simple 20-minute workout twice per week is all it takes to reduce sports injuries up to 50%.


 Social features and competitions – athletes can post comments for their teammates, upload photos, view sport related video content and challenge each other in sports trivia contests.

Player Dashboard

Coaches – track your team’s progress, reward and communicate with your players.

At Peak Sports Coaches Track Players Interface

Parents – track your child’s progress as well as the whole team. Optionally, participate in workouts with your child.

Parent Dashboard

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