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Completing the strength and conditioning exercises featured in the At Peak app will help young athletes perform better in their sport and get in better shape.

Train like the pros

The At Peak workout programs are done by college all-stars and the pros.  At Peak features competitions and rewards plus it also includes sport-specific trivia games and videos.

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“AT PEAK is a great new tool that my team has started using. It incorporates a variety of tasks that target different muscle groups to help get a well-rounded workout. The individual tasks are quick and simple, and they have been a great way for me to ensure that I am keeping active and strengthening my muscles on days that I am not practicing with my team. I have also found the software easy to use, and the fact that it can be accessed on many types of devices has been very convenient for me. I think AT PEAK is an effective program that can help athletes prevent injuries and make sure they are staying on track. It is helpful for athletes to do things on their own time outside of team activities to take care of their bodies, and this is a perfect way to provide players with an easy means to accomplish this.”

    -S. G., Player, NY Rush Patriots 97

“I’m really enjoying the At Peak website. I feel it’s really going to help me.”

    -C. S., Player,  Connetquot Ravens

Sample videos:

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