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As a coach, you are a key foundation of youth sports, but often you do not have the time or tools available to instruct athletes on how to do age, gender and sport-specific strength + conditioning — plus you don’t have an easy way to motivate the team to get in shape during the offseason. A better conditioned athlete will perform better and will be less likely to miss games due to injury.

Saves precious field time

The At Peak app includes guided workouts that athletes can do at home.  These workouts are designed by medical professionals and proven to reduce the chance of athletic injury.  The coach can track the team’s progress, send messages and receive information about the most common sports injuries. The app features competitions and rewards to keep the players coming back.

Best of all, for coaches, At Peak is always 100% free!

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“The U18 and U17 girls for the most part are looking much leaner and in better shape than I’ve seen recently, and I’m sure it has a lot to do with AT PEAK. Both teams finished 3rd in their respective age groups playing in the top flight at the Disney Showcase over New Years.”

Steve Davis
Technical Director, New York Rush


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